how to make a bouncing ball without borax?

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Answered: Can you use borax to kill cockroaches?

Borax can be and is used to kill cockroaches , you can leave a dusting of borax on known roach paths, they then walk through the borax. Roaches like to clean themselves frequently, they will lick off the borax and a couple of days later will die. Borax will ruin the digestive system of a cockroach ...

Answered: Jump Balloons in China carry Disney licensed bounce house?

Picture is good, really....

Answered: A Simple Comparison Between Rod Mill and Ball Mill

I'd advise against having either your rod or your balls milled.

Answered: How To Wash bounce houses

Children love to play with inflatable bouncers and could do it all day long if their parents would let them. It is a lucrative business for individuals to sell or rent them out for particular social functions. The best way to keep these investments whole you must understand the best way to keep ...

Answered: Medicine ball exercises?

The Medicine Ball is a heavy bag full of dried beans. Algonkin natives used this device to train their warriors. They used Medicine Balls that weighed a tenth, a fourth, and half, the weight of the warriors. They also had tough games like Patagaway (modernly called Lacrosse) and archery ...

Answered: 16' Disco Ball Package

MTS,you won't be getting your answer here, Call the company back now!
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