how to make a bingo dauber bag out of plastic canvas and yarn?

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Answered: Ideas for Decorating Canvas Tote Bags

I think that you can decorate your Tote Bags with materials like Sparkle Glue, Sequences and ribbons. Since the Tote Bags are made of Eco-Friendly Materials like Jute or Cotton so other material like Glace or Crape Paper may also be tried. These are some tricks which children use in craft making ...

Answered: I really dislike those plastic bags in the grocery ...

I doubt that grocery shopping bags are meant to be reused so that is why they aren't durable anyway. I buy my plastic bags here. They last quite long, i can re-use them and they're environment friendly too.

Answered: How to Create a Personalized Canvas Tote Bag?

Try sites like Tumbler, Google+, Facebook & Pin-interest. You may get the solution.

Answered: Environment friendly plastic bags?

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Typically, biodegradable plastic bags are made from farmed products like cornstarch, which break down into elements like carbon dioxide, water and methane. They don’t just decompose automatically though - they need the right conditions to decompose. To decompose properly ...
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How long does it take a plastic bag to decompose?

It depends on what kind of plastic it is but some decompose longer than others. Environmental friendly plastic bags decompose faster but you should still be mindful and recycle it instead of throwing just anywhere.

What do yo say to a neighbor who drives to your house to borrow plastic

Another choice is to say "I'll sell you a couple for a dollar, and you don't have to return them."

I'm a big advocate of using cloth shopping bags ...

maybe because thicker ones are more durable.