how to make a airplane diorama for amelia earhart?

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Answered: What really happened to amelia earhart?

Well, if she survived the crash.. By now old age has set in. Nobody knows because it was a small aircraft and a very large body of water.

Answered: What material was used in WW11 airplane windows, and is used in jewelry

It is a quite professional question and needs to be carefully considered. You can go to to find the skilled answers here.

Answered: Birth records Twins Belinsky-R.I. Anita & Amelia ...

I found the information you were looking for...however, I don't feel comfortable posting it unless I know why you are looking for them. Sorry.

Answered: Airplane Crash 1960's, Reno,Nevada

I think 50 years is a long time to wait for a lawsuit.

Answered: Diorama

You can cut your figures and hang them with a string from top. Or you can puncture the bottom with a stick or something that will hold your player figure.

Answered: What does amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt have in common?

Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt had a lot in common. They were both "firsts": Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States. Amelia liked to fly fast. Eleanor liked to drive fast (although cars were slow back in those ...
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What happened to channel 2's Amelia Earhart

She is now at KCBS-2 in LA -

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