how to low humdity bearded dragons?

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Answered: Bearded dragons

Why do you have two profiles?

Answered: Bearded dragon scale condition (HELP!!!)

As for the bearded dragon, I'm not sure what it could be. I'd like to know more specifications. Is the arm like hard to move or is it simply growing the infection on it. My friends dragon had a combination of some type of sore on the arm as well as MBD. That was very unfortunate. However, the sore ...

Answered: Our bearded dragon is 4 years old. We just noticed ...

I was on the understanding that they very often this time of year do not eat as much food as they go into a semi hibernation, but after what happened with my male today dying so suddenly I would recomend a trip to the vets as soon as possible.

Answered: Bearded dragons

Below are excerpts on egg laying and incubation in bearded dragons (BDs or beardies) that I and others have written on the Pogona list, an internet discussion list dedicated to the topic of bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). You will find some redundancy, and I have slightly edited some posts to ...

Answered: My bearded dragon is refusing live food and only eating veg - help!!

I don't know anything about a bearded dragon, but what is wrong with it eating vegetables? My puppy likes veggies a lot better than meat, and he likes them raw. He eats carrots, lettuce,cabbage,raw potatoes and he likes about everything crunchy except pop corn.He also likes fruits but can't have ...

Answered: Bearded dragon How often do females lay eggs without a male? This

Do you mean the bearded dragon lizard? I'm not sure how often females lay eggs however I do know that they require a certain temperature to survive. You can find more information on the lizard and its breeding habits here . Good luck!
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Can bearded dragons make you sick

If you are otherwise healthy then it is very unlikely. All reptiles carry a small amount of salmonella, but only people who are very young, very old, or have weakened immune systems need to worry about it. Care for your pet properly and wash your hands after handling him, you will be fine. http ...


I used to use this product when I still had my beard and it really worked. I have recently shaved it off!!

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