how to loosen up a very tight zipper?

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Answered: Where to find colored tights?

Stores that sell supplies for dance generally have a large selection of tights, among other things.

Answered: replace zipper slider on the boots!

Take it to a repair shop, you can't do this yourself.

Answered: Penis caught in zipper

um... im not a guy so i wouldn't know for sure but i think it's highly unlikely

Answered: Zipper Peas

They also sell zipper peas at They are not currently shipping them, but they have locations in Plant City, Florida and a couple of locations in GA. Check out the website. I have odered them online and they have always been fresh and flavorful!

Answered: Lately I have been awaking with my fist tightly balled, an I am tired all

It could be the frustration of having EVER supported Obama. Next you will attempt (and hopefully complete) suicide. Allow me to encourage you, Tadpole.
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i search the key words on google, it found the product that you might interest, = or you can directly visit the website Good Luck!