how to look up a traffic ticket in kern county without citation number?

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Answered: How can i find out if my ticket has been dismissed by going to traffic

If all went well the school tells the court if you did, so just write or call the court and ask. Or get a record of your DMV records.

Answered: What is the telephone number for 518 information?

518-555-1212 is Directory Assistance for area code 518 (somewhere in northeast New York, including Albany and Plattsburgh).

Answered: I had a redlight traffic ticket, I intended to go ...

Oruc, When you pay a traffic fine, that is an automatic guilty plea. Therefore, you got the guilty strike and your case is closed. Next time watch the lights, and don't pay any fines until you go to court and the judge says you have to. By the way, you would have lost in court. You can't fight ...

Answered: How can I obtain a copy of my citation?

Call the county and they can get you one.

Answered: What happens if you get a super speeder ticket and ...

When I was a new driver and got tickets I remember there was a point system. Each ticket had a point value and the exhibition of speed was more and so on. I don't know if they still do that but you might be alright with just two, I remember three did it for me.
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Help regarding a traffic ticket when you do not speak English

she should talk to the lawyer regarding this and she will surely get help.

Phone number

Medikom in Kiev is 503-77-77 15-55

Can't pay Traffic Ticket

Hi Gamby, Usually if you do not show up for court, they issue a warrant. You probably need to at least show up or send a certified letter explaining your situation. The best thing to do is to ask for a payment plan. You do not want any outstanding warrants on your record. They will probably ...

Do you need an attorney to fight a ticket?

i would not recommend hiring a attorney for a traffic ticket