How to locate a legal document from 1945-1946?

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Answered: Is it legal for my property manager to tell my neighbors my criminal

It would help to know if you have a written lease for any particular ... I also paid the property manager a fee for conducting a criminal background check....

Answered: What are the elements of a legal document?

I believe a legal document must be notarized (a bank should do that for you)

Answered: When describing a legal document, is an additional page used to verify

Please clarify your question. When describing a document for what? Are you talking about counting the verification of signature page - which I don't know what you mean as there generally is no verification of signature page - as part of the total number of pages in a federal document or what? For ...

Answered: Documents

Every state has different requirements. Your best bet would be to see a real estate attorney. Once your roommate is in the house, living there, you could have some real problems getting him out if you don't have a valid contract. Don't try to do this one on your own.

Answered: How can I find a document I saved but is not in my documents file?

Use the following methods to Search for the original document: 1. Click Start, type the document name in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER. 2. If the File list contains the document, double-click the document to open it in Word. If the File list does not contain the document, go to ...
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I did not get an answer

How can I print the original documents found on ...

I would think that File > Print would work, but if not, try using the snipping tool in W8. You can capture the page, save it, open it, and print from there. It would be an image rather than text.

Please help me with writing a legal document

I am sorry but I am too tire to search through this but if there is a legal contract between you and the 2nd party and the bus then maybe you can find it here or at least a go skeleton contract that will help you comprise one up that will suit you. I have saved this site because my Mother rents out ...