How to locate a catholic nun?

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Answered: Our Lady of the Angels monestery nuns still without a superior?

I'm not familiar with that particular monastery, but I doubt it. When a Mother Superior passes, there's a specific procedure that must be followed to choose the new Mother. There's a sort of board of selected nuns, usually the elder, more respected nuns. They discuss and vote and all. It's a bit ...

Answered: Who supports nuns?

They also support themselves with donations and fundraisers and such. Most churches and monasteries and nunneries have to support themselves moreso than the Mother church does. Their medical and basic needs are covered, but they have to raise everything else themselves. I see nuns all the time ...

Answered: Is Chicago Becoming More Catholic?

Chicago has always been a very Catholic city. But I don't think the ratio has changed. I just think people are fed up with public schools due to the neglect of our government for so long, plus their lack of funding, and are realizing that Catholic schools provide an excellent and well disciplined ...
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