how to live on $19,000 a year?

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Answered: What is 3/5th of 47,000'

47,000 * 3/5 = 28,200 or: 3/5 = 0.6 47,000 * 0.6 = 28,000

Answered: How write and letters 500,000.00 dollars

$500,000.00 is five hundred thousand dollars.

Answered: What is the answer to 150,000,000 divided by 11.210

Just in case you want a few more decimal places- 13380909.901873327386262265834077

Answered: This is to 19 year old MAles only or moms with 19 year old Males

Males of just about any age are not going to care, think about or comment on what their female relatives wear. If they think about what a woman wears, they're either thinking about their girlfriends or about some female celebrity or porn star ~ and then their thoughts do NOT center on clothing!
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Where can I get $14,000 for a $153,000 home?

No you cannot. You must sell it and pay them with the proceeds. I checked.

$25,000.00;PCH GWY#2764!

You don't get it.

HELP! i am a 19 yr old with a 3,000 plus hospital bill for a miscarriage

after a year in PA the state pays off everyone medical bill aslong as you didn't agree to pay it. and it dont go on your credit report.

HELP! i am a 19 yr old with a 3,000 plus hospital bill for a miscarriage

Hi Sharon, you may want to call the hospital and ask to apply for Charity Care or the Hill Burton Act. This should reduce or take care of all your bill for the hospital only. They do ask for all information regarding your employment, IRA etc.