how to lighten darkened granite?

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Answered: Garage Lightening???

Choosing the proper lighting for a room involves taking the time to determine your needs. By truly assessing your needs before making any purchases, you will be able to determine what you need while you are at a lighting store. Otherwise, you may choose lighting that ends up being inefficient and ...

Answered: Is it possible to darken granite countertop?

I'm not a granite counter top expert but I know that if I were you I would just talk to the people who put it in for you. I wouldn't take any chance of ruining it. If it came in the wrong color they should be able to help you. Maybe look into getting a granite quote in mundelein if possible before ...

Answered: Hard water stains on granite

Thanks for the info Mike. I was unaware of vinegar not being good for the granite. TonyBrook

Answered: I just had granite put in my kitchen and it has a ...

Even i have installed granite in my kitchen but its fine polished and looks great, i think you should contact your supplier.

Answered: Santa cecilia yellow granite I have a 6 inch back ...

Yes you should remove the existing splash. Are you wanting to tile the whole wall? Or do you want to do slab on the whole wall? Either way you should be able to get Santa Cecillia in slab or tile (another name for it is New Venitian Gold). Or you could pick something to contrast with it. It really ...
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Standing on granite

Either use a scaffold, or lay down 24" wide sheets of plywood on the countertop to spread out the forces. Protect the countertops with clean drop cloths as well. Much of the work can be done with rollers with long handles.

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Chances are that what you have experienced is not permanent but the result of hyperpigmentation in which the production of melanin in your body is responding to the inflammation that the hair removal product caused. Chances are good it will go away on its own. You can also check out this article ...


hand polisher 5x or crystal with steel wool to polish marble


It can be difficult to tell unless you have lots of experience. As a general rule, the pattern will be more random and variable with natural stones than with engineered stone. However, some natural stones have very consistent patterns.