how to lay allen roth cavan portage pavers?

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Answered: How do i clean my pavers can i use clorox

I wouldn't recommend using clorox. I use clorox to kill weeds in the joints of pavers, but you have to be careful. Spray the clorox on and remove it within 30min. The product you need depends on what you are trying to clean off the pavers. You can check for paver cleaning ...

Answered: Pool Paver sealant questions

1) the sand should be over the top of the paver. you will remove the excess later 2)no. pack the sand and seal it or not 3)sorry. you'll have to do a web search for this one or call a building materials outlet if you want a brand name. I'm way far north of you.

Answered: How do you get the pattern going to install pavers ...

the pattern doesnt lie. just have to follow it to a t.....and start against the house with a soldier course. Paver Patios

Answered: Lily Allen fashion guru?

Wait and see what she comes up with. Shame though, cause she made some good tunes.

Answered: Deteoriating Pavers

ditto would be interested to learn more. brand? pics? Outdoor Fireplaces - Landscape Contractor Ohio
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