how to know if you caught sarcoptic mange from a dog?

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Answered: My dog often experiences sky skin which appears in ...

Your dog may have sensitive skin and the pet shampoo you are currently using could be causing the dry scaly skin and flakiness. Harsh ingredients can contribute to build-up. Consider using mild and gentle pet care products with natural ingredients. Source: http://www.natural-goat-milk-soap ...

Answered: Controlling mange in an older dog

Happy Jack Mange medicine. It's about the best you can get and bathe your dog often with betadine

Answered: How to get rid of Sarcoptic Mange in puppy with no money for vet

I don't think you mean a skin graft. I think you mean when they scrape the skin and look at those cells under a microscope to determine if the animal has mange. When my brother's dog had mange the vet just put her on Revolution which is for fleas and heartworms but also kills mange mites and I think ...

Answered: Dog waste removal service

Psychotic Extraneous Thinkers Association?

Answered: Can dogs die from red mange

Dogs can die from Red Mange if it is not properly treated. But the disease is treatable, see the following link:

Answered: Help i seemed to get a rash from a cat that i believe has mange!

Yes, you can get scabies from a cat that has mange. I have cats that have it. You can try to treat it with home remedies which I don't recommend. I recommend seeing a doctor. You have to wash all of your clothing in hot water as well as your bed linens and treat your carpet. You can do a good steam ...
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Mange odor smells gross. Dogs with mange have foul odor similar to that of a strong cheese or like athlete's foot. Eew.

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