how to know if a taurus woman is in love with you?

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Answered: I have a 1997 ford taurus, new battery but wont ...

Check the alternator (charges the battery when running). I think places like AutoZone will do a free test to see if that's the problem.

Answered: LOve

Ah well my little friend, love is what every individual in the world seeks and when they do not find it they get really nasty. Possibly the problem with our nasty crap eater. Seriously, it is not the same for every person, it is however; the most sought after commodity on the face of the ...

Answered: I have a friend. i love him but due to his part,he doesn't want 2 love me

Maybe he is gay? J/K but really?? umm.. LOL He may still have a love he can't let go of and he is afraid to let you down. Just let him be. You know the saying, If you love someone, set him/her free, If they don't come back, it wasn't meant to be. Good luck dear one!

Answered: Where can I find a quality leather holster for the Taurus Judge 3

I would recommend . They offer all types of Beretta Holsters, Glock Holsters, Ruger Holsters, Smith & Wesson Holsters, Taurus Holsters. I'm sure you'll find something meeting your requirements.

Answered: Does a man like a woman who contacts them first? Does that show interest

It depends on the type of man he is...... If he is a modern liberal man it will be OK..... actually "perfect"..... But, if he is "old fashion" (conservative) he might be embarrased..... and take a srep back..... Bewteen the black and the white there are many shades of grey.....

Answered: How to rid loved ones of a woman who destroys others

It's not your place to "rid loved ones" of anything, especially another person, unless there is physical violence involved, and then you should dial 911 and let the Police handle it. As far as this woman just being a mean-spirited, nasty individual who makes others life miserable (I am guessing ...
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Why many relationships between a man and a woman fails

April. The answer to your question depends on how optimistic one is (and also if one is G-d fearing [ = high morals / values] or not). An optimistic person will probably answer 65%, a passimistic person will probably say 25%. I read some statistcs about the divorce rate in the USA since the end ...

Can a man love more than one woman?

A true lover loves only one...........

Finding true love and adorable love

before u lay down with someone you should get to know them first. You should build a friendship with he/she. If you can tell a person that you are not trying to sleep with them you are trying to get to know them and you will like to wait for six months or longer if that person is willing to wait ...

I'm in love with my boyfriend & i want to tell him but i'm leaving

Tell him. When you love something and let it go, it will come back to you. If it is real it will stand the test of time.