how to know if a taurus woman is in love with you?

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Answered: When a man cares/loves a woman?

Do you remember the old saying: "Actions speak louder than words" ? His actions say that he does not really mean what he is saying. If he really loved you he would do anything to be with you. Sorry, if my words hurt you.

Answered: I have a 1997 ford taurus, new battery but wont ...

Check the alternator (charges the battery when running). I think places like AutoZone will do a free test to see if that's the problem.

Answered: I have a friend. i love him but due to his part,he doesn't want 2 love me

Maybe he is gay? J/K but really?? umm.. LOL He may still have a love he can't let go of and he is afraid to let you down. Just let him be. You know the saying, If you love someone, set him/her free, If they don't come back, it wasn't meant to be. Good luck dear one!

Answered: Where can I find a quality leather holster for the Taurus Judge 3

I would recommend . They offer all types of Beretta Holsters, Glock Holsters, Ruger Holsters, Smith & Wesson Holsters, Taurus Holsters. I'm sure you'll find something meeting your requirements.

Answered: What makes a man fall more deeply in love with his ...

The answer is simple - you have been through alot of things together. Some people say that time is a great master - it heals, it make people repsect each other even more. If you are deeply in love it does not matter how old are you and long have you been with your wife. My brother, who is now in ...
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Why would a woman ask of a old flame in the presence of her boyfriend

Ask what? It may surprise you, but many people who were once in relationships remain good friends. Jealousy is a negative emotion caused by immaturity, insecurity and a desire to control others. Get over it.

Do men believe woman with high morals are too much to handle?

Some men do, smart men appreciate it !.