how to knit with yarns Bee show off metallic youtube?

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Answered: Knitting with stretchy yarn

Sometimes the yarn chosen is not right for the project. Maybe you could try knitting it on a smaller needle, thus taking stretching into consideration.

Answered: How do i learn to knit?

Hope you got knitting :-) Again, there are tons of videos online that can give you the basics on how to knit. To list a few for example: One way to cast on: One way to do the Knit stitch: ...

Answered: Best KNITTING yarns for sensitive skin?

use cotton, fabrics with micro fibers and remind to check for breathable one. check out the garment tag for the speciality of fabric

Answered: Looking for Tilli Tomas Mogul yarn in Ruby Wine

I have 2 sk listed on ebay

Answered: How do I find discontinued Trendsetter Yarn? - A table of discontinued yarns that are available still is located at the very bottom of the page. - Table of discontinued yarns is located at the very bottom of this page as well.
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Is it hard to learn to knit? im thinking of taking it up as a hobby...i'm

Using a mirror will help as most patterns are written for right-handed knitting. The mirror will allow you to see everyhing in reverse (pictures only of course) making it easier to work with lefthand stitches without a partner. There is a stitch that actually is worked lefthanded although it is done ...

Free yarn giveaway

I have a girl friend who is in poor health. Pretty much all she can do is sit and crochet. She makes an endless stream of baby blankets which she donates to churches and other organizations in her community. Yarn is expensive and she is on a "fixed income". Send it to her, but don't tell her I sent ...

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