how to knit sashay scarf left handed?

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Answered: My daughter is right handed in everything she does ...

I wouldn't change the way she wants to do it. If its natural to her, let her do it. I play hockey left handed when I'm right handed. Somethings come natural to others in a different way. You can try to ask her to change, but if she doesn't change the strings. You may need just a new guitar for a ...

Answered: Ruffle Knitted Scarf

Knit Picks has a nice one as a free download called the Potato Chip Scarf. You can view and download at this site.

Answered: 1 trait left handed peole share

Thanks. I'd like to think so. I have trouble with kitchen items. Many things are backward. That is my biggest problem.

Answered: Are you right handed or left handed?

Hi, This topic interested the scientists for many years. If you enter Google and you see oceans of data about it. Many books deal with that subject. I believe you read Hebrew, I can send you several very interesting summaries of books dealing with this subject. The answer to your question is ...
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