how to knit figure 8 scarves knitting pattern?

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Answered: Dog coats patterns to knit

Can dog fence be a part of this knit?

Answered: I am hunting an old knit baby pattern. Body of ...

Have you tried the Vintage Knitting Pattern Site ?

Answered: KNIT shop in Bluffton SC

Google or yellow pages

Answered: Where can I find patterns for ugly christmas sweaters to knit like the

Google images has some pictures of designs you can make. Maybe the fabric store still might have some holiday pattern fabric you can add to the sweater? walmart may have some things to add or your local craft store might have fabric or iron-on holiday patterns to add to the sweater?
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I have a scarf pattern for knitting. I do not understand what S11P means

I used to be able to explain this clearly but I think this website will do a better job:

Afghan Pattern

It is a pattern by Carol Prior published in 1999 by Leasure Arts: Leisure Arts #3137, Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans by Leisure Arts Paperback Leisure Arts, Inc It's avilable from Amazon at $8.95 ...

Knit O Graf pattern #105

Debbie, I am also looking for the Christmas stocking pattern: the one with a big Santa face. HAve you had any luck? I wrote directly to Knot O graf but haven't heard back...

Knitting a gauage

Unless the whole garment is in rib, generally the swatch is done with the stitch of the main pattern. Most patterns will tell you this. If the majority of the object is rib, and it says to gauge in rib, then you need to just lie it flat. It is best to take it off the needles, but if it is a big ...