how to kill unwanted stray cats?

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Answered: How do you get used to a new Cat?

Every cat is different. You have to learn your new cat's personality. My current cat, Sarah, is different than any other cat I've ever companioned. Very different. But she's my best bud and I dunno what I'd do without her despite the fact she's a terrible pain in the butt. I rescued her as a tiny ...

Answered: Cat hurt by a stray

Still not awake? call the veterinarian now!

Answered: A stray cat has her kittens under our porch & this ...

If you are feeding the mama cat & her kittens, and are finding them homes that is great, except they are living on your property. Since this happened on the sidewalk, and the dog was on a leash, it's questionable. Mama cat had to go all the way to the sidewalk to scratch the dog, which wasn;t on ...

Answered: About cat Ocean Food

Cat Ocean food contains Vitamin A for healthy vision,Protein for Healthy strong Muscles.And also, contains omega 3 and 6 for healty skin and beautiful coat. And for more benifits see:-

Answered: Cat food help

ASPCA will help your feline friends more than you can, by finding them better homes. Think of the cat more than your emotional attachment.

Answered: Kitty Cat I'M better than you

You don't like my cat
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A very beautiful cat has moved into a false ...

That's great! She needs lots of extra food while nursing. At four weeks they shouldn't still be wobbly. Possibly they're closer to three weeks, considering their ears are up and erect, if not, they are even younger. Anyway, it sounds like the Mom is grateful for all of your help. Thanks for the ...

Cat Lady in Iraq

I have to agree with TexasWitch. Animals do not have the luxury of helping themselves or even really asking for help the way humans can. Humans make connections with animals that are as strong if not stronger than human connections. I think it's amazing what this lady is doing saving animals in Iraq ...

Scratched by stray cat

Only if the area changes, she has other symptoms of being sick, and if the scratch does not heal.

Must cats have rabies shot

Yes, even indoor cats are required to have a rabies shot.