how to kill termites in a painting with a wooden frame?

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Answered: Renting apartment with termites

NO!Make the terminate terminate before renting it... It will only give you problem if you go rent it.

Answered: Are wooden climbing frames safe?

when you say "wooden climbing frames", are you referring to swing sets or forts like children use? I have never heard the term wooden climbing frames and that is what came to mind. If you are talking about swing sets , they are very safe if they are installed properly. You just need to make sure ...

Answered: How difficult is it to remove white paint from ...

There are professional companies who can get this done for you. Depends on the extent of work of course.Please make sure you give them an estimate of what you want to spend on this project.
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When termites are killed do they smell like pledge

It all depends on what you use to kill them.

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This is what you do, use a 10% bleach and 90% water mix and spray that on the mold surface and spray it well and let it sit for like 15 minutes. next get a clean bucket and mix a 1/4 cup of powder dish washer soap and water and then scrub clean and use a brush to get into groves and even a tooth ...

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