how to kill parrots feather?

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Answered: How do you know you have parrots disease?

...and a chunk of Yeddar Cheddar!

Answered: Amazon_Parrots

Moving a bird to another location in the house can cause feather plucking. An interactive parrot that resides in an area where it receives a lot of attention from people walking past its cage and then is moved to a quieter place, where it seldomly interacts with its people, may start plucking to get ...

Answered: I have a co-worker who showed us her parrot at ...

Parrots (or any type of bird) don't learn to speak, the learn to reproduce a set of sounds at a given stimulus. There is no actual communication, the bird doesn't understand that it is communicating it just wants a reward. I think that most birds that are considered song birds can learn this, it is ...

Answered: Whio killed Good king Weslslav of Bohemnia?

Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia was supposedly killed in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel .

Answered: Bed bugs what kills them

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What natural foods are harmfut to parrots?

High salty food is harmful to parrots. They cannot excrete salt the way we can.

I got senagal parrot in South Africa and it is ...

your Senegal could be sick or could be pulling out its feathers, usually they are not known to pluck, there are other spieces that are known to do that. Fresh air, sunshine, showers, good food, (fresh vegetables and fruit) and pelleted bird food are in order. Also, a vet visit will not hurt.

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