how to kill a lemon tree?

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Answered: What are the best fruit trees to grow in Kentucky ...

Fruit trees====Peaches, pears, Apricots, necterines,apples, plums,prunes, sweet cherries

Answered: Lemons and Oranges in Ohio?

You need to determine your planting zone, first. Here's a link you can use to help you do that: After you've done that, you should be able to find out if you're able to plant that type of tree ~ and if so, when.

Answered: I have 2 - 20ft.. Lemon Trees. Why don't they bear lemons ?

Without more info it's hard to say. Have they ever bloomed? Are they grafted trees or seedlings? How often do you feed them? Lemons will fruit almost continuously if they are fed regularly. http://botanical-journeys-plant ...

Answered: How to take care lemon tree in the northeast in the winter time when

I have kept a potted lemon tree in my living room during the winter. The flowers are so fragrant. If you pollinate them with a paint brush, they will set fruit. ...

Answered: How can I get my next door neighbor to cut down his tree thats hanging

If that branch hangs over your yard, you can cut it off and he has to pay for it. just check with the cops to make sure they didn't change the law in your area.

Answered: What color is a maple tree under the bark. Some ...

There is more than one flavor of maple tree.
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Forget this crop. Start out next year with a fertilizer that has all the trace elements and micronutrients. And a word of caution: Stay Away from the thorns! I know of a case where a woman got stuck by one of these, developed lockjaw and died. Of course a tetnus shot will prevent this, but if ...

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I have had cats my whole life (a very long time) and I was a volunteer in an animal shelter for 10 years. The only answer to keeping cats from eating a plant is to keep the plant away from the cat. You can't train a cat to do or not do anything. Cats like to eat plants. Sometimes it can be dangerous ...