how to keep my american flag from tangling on windy days?

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Answered: If i see writing on the american flag who do i call?

Whoever is displaying the flag; private citizen, town hall, business hdqtrs. It's up to them to take appropriate action.

Answered: Is the large American flag flying today on the George Washington

It is not flying today. I read that it was retired on April 28 and my husband confirmed on the way home from work that it was not on the bridge.

Answered: Did the American flag always have 13 stripes?

For a short time the American flag had 15 stripes.

Answered: Flying the American flag

Answered: Why is american flag flown upside down and how can we report this

Sign Of Distress...-Other Patriotism-American Flags Forum \ WAUSAU , Wis. — An American flag flown upside down as a protest in a northern Wisconsin village was seized by police before a Fourth of July parade and the businessman who flew it — an Iraq war veteran — claims the officers ...

Answered: I found an american flag w/ 48 stars and it is in perfect shape, i would

Due to growth of world war two living history/reenactments 48 star flags are still being manufactured.
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What city adopted the american flag?

The Adoption Of Our Flag was officially adopted on June 14, 1777. Continental Congress adopted the stars and stripes pattern for the National Flag of the United States. Each color used in the flag symbolized a quality people felt our country displayed or should strive to display. Today these same ...

What does the blue mean in the american flag?

The blue represents the color of the chief!! The red on the flag represents hardiness and valor. The white represents purity and innocence. The united states flag represents the fifty stars one or each state in the whole united states of America. However, it has been noted that this is not ...

Where can I get a value of a WWII 1941-1942 authentic korean flag?

Oh hi, I googled it for you and I found a site about WWII collectibles that has a list of links and maybe you could see if one of them is about flags?

What are the pros and cons of burning the american flag?

If the flag is tattered and worn, then the "pro" regarding burning it is that a proper retirement ceremony shows respect for the flag and all it stands for. As Elden says, contact your local Scout Council to arrange for a retirement ceremony for your flag instead of continuing to fly a flag that's ...