how to keep a nintendo gamecube disc from ejecting from a wii?

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Answered: Will a japanese version of freeloader allow me to play PAL wii games on a

I guess that the answer is yes. Freeloader allows you to play imported games, which means converting the different methods. It's widely use to play Japanese games on pal wii, but it can do the conversion on the opposite way too.

Answered: Backup Games on Nintendo wii

Here's the Easy Wii Unlock to Play Homebrew,Backup Games, and Import Games.

Answered: Nintendo Wii Clueless!

okay when you buy the wii you need to also purchase wii play, now you will have 2 controllers. You will need to buy 2 more controllers and 3 more nunchucks. After that i would recommend joining . This is a site that reviews the best download site available and its ...

Answered: I would like to get Wii Fit to exercise but I am concerned that I will

I have only used the WII Fit once. I do have moderate to severe balance problems. I did not find the difficult to use. I had my cane and chair to grab onto just in case, But I did not need them to use the Wii I think I would need to use every day for 5 - 6 days before I would feel completely ...

Answered: Nintendo wii

Hi, I'm not sure whether it will work or not, but you can format the device like described in here . Keep in mind you'll lose all game data as well. Try researching some more, you may find a patch or a fix to your HD resolution problem.

Answered: Girls' Wii Games?

The best new girls Wii games around 10 years old are: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (releasing on May 23 - available for preorder) Just Dance (a great new dance game that shows girls how to dance to great music) Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party (perfect for 10 year old girls, especially for party ...
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How can nintendo ds be used with the wii system

how would i know? go find out yourself

Does the Nintendo Wii support HD?

Although the Nintendo Wii does not support high-definition video (720p or 1080i),the picture quality on the set is noticeably improved when using these MadCatz cables over the composite cable that came with Wii.

Renting WII Games

Definitly it is better for testing the games. Or even something like Gamefly, if you tend to rent a lot of games. That might save you money in the long run. Never keep the games longer than you are suppossed to, and even if you do just want to buy them online, check Amazon, it's always the ...

Can you get fit with a Nintendo Wii ?

It is a bit of a workout, I have to admit. Get fit with it? I wouldn't go that far with it. To get fit you need to get your heart rate much higher then you do playing the Wii. Sorry to burst your bubble.