how to jet a quick fuel 750q carb?

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Answered: How much more fuel does a jet use at 100 percent payload versus 70

Each kilogram takes about 3 liters a minutes.

Answered: Completely could be synonym of quickly?

NO ... it can be completely done, but not quickly. ....... it can be done quickly but not completed. THEY ARE NOT SYMONYMS. Rob

Answered: I have a briggs and stratton with a carb part ...

thanks now i can get it running again

Answered: Get over jet lag quickly

I found that melatonin works for me. I always have trouble sleeping on the plan, so sometimes I'm awake for like 48 hours if I'm flying to Asia! Now, if I’m taking a long flight, I suck on one or two melatonin drops about 30 minutes before when it would be my bedtime at my destination. Or I ...

Answered: explosive noise heard from lo carb monster can.

The sound wasn't coming from the Lo Carb Monster. It came from the three burritos you got from Taco Bell.

Answered: COPD

I was a boomer on in-flight refueling tankers. I have severe COPD and have often wondered the same thing. Ron
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Sounds a little Odd.. Guess I would be little edgy.. Sweet G

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If you are logged on to AOL, when you go to Read Mail, look on the right frame of the box in which your list of emails is shown. Halfway down that edge, there should be an arrow. Clicking the arrow when it is pointing to the right should expand the screen to show the Quick Read box. If the Quick ...

Fuel injectors, to clean or not to clean

Auto parts stores sell fuel injection cleaner that is used in the fuel tank, but this is only a preventative maintenance item. It may clean a slightly dirty, barely noticeable injector irregularity after driving 500 miles, but this never works well on clogged, dirty or carboned injectors.

Lemmonlaw jet ski

I liked sikha's answer