how to jet a quick fuel 750q carb?

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Answered: Lung problem fuel breathing fumes or jet engine exhaust fumes

i was in the air force in vetnam from 1970-71 worked as air craft loading, worked around running c-130 turbine engines all the time as we were under attack all the time, i did not get copd until i left the service, i think the problem was service cased, as i was coughing all the time becouse of tjhe ...

Answered: How much more fuel does a jet use at 100 percent payload versus 70

Each kilogram takes about 3 liters a minutes.

Answered: Why is mostly people prefer Alpha Fuel X?

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I have a briggs and stratton with a carb part ...

thanks now i can get it running again

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I found that melatonin works for me. I always have trouble sleeping on the plan, so sometimes I'm awake for like 48 hours if I'm flying to Asia! Now, if I’m taking a long flight, I suck on one or two melatonin drops about 30 minutes before when it would be my bedtime at my destination. Or I ...


I was a boomer on in-flight refueling tankers. I have severe COPD and have often wondered the same thing. Ron

Amout of fuel for transatlantic flight

Here is some information for you on aviation fuel consumption. I hope this helps.