how to jailbreak a polaroid android 4.0 ics 4.3" internet tablet?

how to jailbreak a polaroid android 4.0 ics 4.3" internet tablet?

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Hanin China manufacturer (hicm ) shopping directly by :

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Gavin, you're a little slow. There are already tablets on the market with quad core processors. FYI, man landed on the moon also.

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Either your charger or your tablet is broken. That'll be $85 please.

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What is with this site ? I've tried to use it many times and it NEVER gives an answer . Only more advertising.

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I'd have to agree. Learn more then use a site like to find someone selling the one you want cheap in your neighborhood. :) Good luck

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Compare and find cheap tablets You do not have to search thousands of merchants and websites to find low price tablets. Vivid Plaza is your one stop shopping place to find and compare all store prices at once place.
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