how to insulate a stock tank?

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Answered: To stop someone from stocking me

Tell her you are not a salable item and have an intense fear of high shelves.

Answered: Are insulated rain water tanks available for ...

When I lived in Alberta we use to wrap the tank in fiberglass insulation then stack straw bales around and over the tank,I never saw them freeze so this should work for you as well.

Answered: Electrical Wire Insulation Characteristics

Plastic and rubber.

Answered: Can you tell me the Advantages of Pre-Stressed composite insulators?

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Answered: Replace rear struts in a Lexus LS400 with suspension insulator?

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Why not check it out at your local aquarium.

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Can blown in insulation be used in a dry crawl space?

blown in insulation is very practical in applications such has, insulating an attic or insulating existing walls that have no insulation. Based on the simple description of your situation it would probably be best to put batten insulation held up by strapping. I am assuming you are wanting to ...

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I have used extruded foam board BEHIND the skirting because it won't blow away and is more durable than fiberglass. Then make sure you have ALL the seams sealed with tape this includes where the skirting meets the trailer use caulking if you are not sure you have ALL the seams sealed. This ...