how to install transmission shift solenoid in 2000 nissan maxima?

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Answered: What is the plug on the front of a 2012 nissan maxima for?

That is the reserve potable water tank faucet, in case you get stuck in storm or dessert; open plug and put the water in some container to drink it or put in radiator or to cook with. The camping pots and utensils are under the spare tire.

Answered: 1995 nissan maxima radio/cd player not working

this is a big problam, check the wiring to make sure nothing came unpluged. if not take it out throw it at your bestfriend tell him it was his falt he put the last cd in it. and make him get you one from a salvage yard. just kidding about the friend, youll find that you can get a stock cd. player ...

Answered: How do I replace a tail light bulb in my 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Most cars now have access through the trunk.

Answered: I can't figure which oxygen sensor to replace! Three of them!

the only way to know is to get them one at a time, replace one reset the code, start it up. see if trips the check engine lite. if not,your good if it does repete step one till you get it. good luck,
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How to fix wobbley gear shift on 2004 Maxima

ifu take the top of the trany apart there is a round plastic pic at the buttom of your shifter replace it thats it

We changed the Transmission fluid in my 2005 S 80 ...

I cant understand what you have done? When you change transmission fluid you drop the transmission pan to drain and also change a small filter in there. Next you put on a new gasket and put the cover back. you refill back through transmission dipstick tube untill it reaches proper level (with engine ...

Is there any sexual weekness due to regular night shift?

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