how to install HVAC heater blend door actuator for 1996 chevrolet s10?

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Answered: S1O P/U

Go to auto zone and get a service manuel, then you can fix anything on your truck. (There only around 25 dollars.) or ask at the counter.

Answered: Installing a slab door

If you need a new door and hinges then you should just buy a new prehung unit and install it. The prehung will come with a new slab, hinges and door jambs. Installing a new door slab on an existing slab does not always fit well and can take a lot of work just to get it to fit the old frame. Here is ...

Answered: How to remove inside door panel on sliding door 1996 ford windstar

Door panels are held on with clips and have to be pried off or screws that can be hidden under something that has to be pried off. Go to a body shop and ask some one, they worst they can say is no.

Answered: 2008 m109r exhaust valve actuator can i by pass

Why not get a 2009 model? You could browse for actuators here: They also specialize in valve actuators .

Answered: Gas control dial on water heater tank got wet and will not turn

If the control got wet, then you have a leaky tank. It is time to replace the heater.

Answered: Door that closes too fast

I would ask a worker at Home Depot or Lowes.
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V12tech an HVAC expert named Keith Grayson

But this is confusing as you are post as Biff Chison, Chimmy, Chimchan, heaterman, mrheater. I have seen you on scam reports. You have posted the most vile and obscene things known. Now you come here pretending to be someone asking about you? Stay away from this one folks...not a person ...

Thrid burner on my heater keeps going out and shuting the heater off

If it's a heater that runs on LP gas, or Natural gas, the two most likely causes are a partially blocked orifice, or the gas pressure is too low to supply adequate fuel to three burners. Another problem might be a faulty supply valve, the one you turn to light one, two, or three burners. Check to ...