how to install home central air conditioning?

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Answered: Central air not reaching upstairs

I don't know how old the unit is but some times the blower squarrel cage builds up dirt on the vains causing it to lose cfm need to puch the air thought the house, if the blower is rated for lets say 1200cfm you may only be blowing 800 cfm, check the blower and see how dirty it is, if it is dirty i ...

Answered: What are the pros and cons of installing air conditioning within the

When most all people hear "Air Conditioning" they immediately think of something that makes the air colder. Air Conditioning is exactly what the name implies, "conditioning the air". Anything that you add to or take out of the air is Air Conditioning, be it heat, cold, fumes, smells, moisture ...

Answered: Window AC Units

If you do not have duct work from a forced air system look into a ductless unit. The fan coil hangs on the wall or ceiling and the condensing unit is outside the house. You can get a system that cools four separate rooms. The best systems are made by Japanese companies. The rest of the world using ...

Answered: What is a Home Central Air Conditioning?

Get it here: If you want know more, you may go to to see it.

Answered: This is my first central air with a heat question is,how do i set

Set first the environment where you can put on the unit, it should be safe and in good placement. You may also get some help from professionals, centers and sites like famousacandheat for more information and services, they also offers Commercial Air Conditioner and Heating related services.

Answered: "Central Air" is just regular air conditioning? Right?

Central air means it is not a window air conditioner, but it cools the whole house through the forced air system.
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Which model number fra155mt1 and fra156mt1 in air conditions is the best

The Frigidaire FRA155MT1 is an air conditioner available from Frigidaire. The FRA155MT1 typically costs $400 Capacities range from 5,000 British thermal units per hour (enough for a modest-sized bedroom) up to 12,500 Btu/hr. (adequate for a large, sun-drenched room or even two interconnected ...

Should I cover my central air unit

Yes it is recommended, it can protect the air conditioner from dust and debris which can affect the system especially the air filter, during or off from usage.

Actually I hadn't considered Central Air - but I'm ...

you can check out the ductless system

I have my thermostat set at 70 degrees in the ...

Every 10 seconds?? minutes??hours?? Where do you live (state) ?? What temperature are you reading?? day & night