HOW TO INSTALL Aquatic two piece tub and shower stall?

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Answered: Shower stall cleaning

make a runny paste of household bleach and pot scourer powder, apply all over tiles with sponge or brush and leave 20 -3o minutes. Rinse off well. All gunge gone.

Answered: Two Piece Swim Wear

This link is awesome and they have great quality stuff!

Answered: Shower Curtain for Cawfoot tub

yes. look into this website. hot tubs .Having good information related to Shower Curtain.

Answered: I need a short shower curtain and a rod system to fit in a 48x28 area in

Have you tried buying a clear plastic shower curtain and cutting to the size you need and buying a window curtain that fits that size or little bigger than clear one and put the two together. Let us know. Good luck god bless nanadee

Answered: DIY how to install a tub shower

This is a big job and if you haven't done anything like this you might be better off getting somebody. But google help and see what's involved.

Answered: Why does one need a 240 electric hook up to install a gas stove?

Doris- Can you tell me what your plug looks like or find an image to put in a post. I simply could not find any that would be easily identified. What does the owner's manual say? Tell me the brand, the model, and the serial number. Something is not making a lot of sense here. Don't get any ...
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Hello. I would try to take them of and then put them right back but properly. If this wouldn't work - I would buy a new one.

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