how to install a gas tank fuel gauge for a harley motorcycle?

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Answered: How do i find Harley Davidson motorcycle parts?

Best I can say is talk to a HD dealer. You will find parts at bike swap meets and like that, but if you see some outlaw with all his stuff on the ground and it looks scroungy on the out side, it just might be that way on the in side too. Either way I just go with parts from an HD dealer. That way ...

Answered: M26 Tank Flaws

None that haven't been corrected in the Abrams. Russian tanks just don't stand a prayer.

Answered: Can a 20 lb propane tank be use to fiil a 500lb propane tank

You cannot fill a 500 lb tank with a 20 lb tank. When inverting a 20 lb tank you can fill another 20 lb tank assuming the non-inverted tank has less pressure in it than the inverted tank. A 500 lb propane tank has way more pressure in it than a 20 lb propane tank. Thus making it impossible for the ...

Answered: Bleed front brake

Depends on the model. Sportsters have a small reservior that goes with that Sport front end (it ain't a narrow glide). Big twins get a Narrow Glide or Wide Glide front end, and a Springer front end if you got lots of steel bridge grates to cross. Sportster. Open the cylinder and set an HD ...
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When will natural gas become the dominant fuel in the US?

The answer to your question is soon. With improvements on how to extract natural gas, it is becoming much more prevalent. The U.S. already has one of the highest reserves in the world. With the technique of fracking (hydraulic fracturing), natural gas is released from shale rock thousands of feet ...

How to fix..when turning bike on riding lights go on..2000 harley

ALL FLHT bikes have complicated electrical systems. Lights are not hard to fix, though. Chances are you got bulbs burned out. That will cause all your lights to go out. That isn't an accident. HD designed that in to make sure you keep good lights in all four corners, plus head and marker ...

2000 harley roadking front and rear lights don't turn on when key is

Either the bulb is burned out, the fuse blew, or the key switch has a dirty contact.

What is the fastest motorcycle?

My husband has one!