how to install a gas tank fuel gauge for a harley motorcycle?

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Answered: How to fix..when turning bike on riding lights go on..2000 harley

ALL FLHT bikes have complicated electrical systems. Lights are not hard to fix, though. Chances are you got bulbs burned out. That will cause all your lights to go out. That isn't an accident. HD designed that in to make sure you keep good lights in all four corners, plus head and marker ...

Answered: 2000 harley roadking front and rear lights don't turn on when key is

Either the bulb is burned out, the fuse blew, or the key switch has a dirty contact.

Answered: How do i find Harley Davidson motorcycle parts?

Best I can say is talk to a HD dealer. You will find parts at bike swap meets and like that, but if you see some outlaw with all his stuff on the ground and it looks scroungy on the out side, it just might be that way on the in side too. Either way I just go with parts from an HD dealer. That way ...

Answered: Can a 20 lb propane tank be use to fiil a 500lb propane tank

You cannot fill a 500 lb tank with a 20 lb tank. When inverting a 20 lb tank you can fill another 20 lb tank assuming the non-inverted tank has less pressure in it than the inverted tank. A 500 lb propane tank has way more pressure in it than a 20 lb propane tank. Thus making it impossible for the ...
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I have some old 100# propane tanks with some fuel ...

when you say 100# do you mean 100 pound? assuming that is the case if the valve looks more like a triangle rather than a star you should be good to go. if not i'd take to a dealer and exchange it for a new tank. Just read this reply; and, felt like throwing in my 2 cents worth: The triangular ...

Procedure of fuel from tank to mpfi car engine

This question needs to be refined, not completely understood perimeters.

Gas pump misery

If the above answers are not quite working for you, then maybe you could consider replacing the entire pump unit. It should not be expensive to replace and you could also try used parts resellers which offer good ones with a warranty. This should certainly solve your problem and you could ...

How to replace fuel tank in a 1988 bayliner 245 sierra

I'm not actually sure so I'd suggest taking it to a mechanic.