how to improve shortness of breath after using lovenox?

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Answered: I was short of breath, i had a stent put in one of my arteries about 6

A friend of mine suffering from peripheral artery disease had a stent put and she, too, complained of shortness of breath. For her it was resolved with a change in medication. You should consult your doctor! Peripheral Artery Disease

Answered: I have shortness of breath after stopping darvacet ...

These symptoms do not sound related to having stopped Darvocet (a super mild narcotic pain reliever). Particularly after a week has gone by. TAKING Darvocet can cause skin itching and decreased breath, common with opiates. Darvocet is a synthetic opiate (man made). Withdrawal symptoms would ...

Answered: What is the difference of cycle shorts and cycle underwear

Well Larry, the underwear goes underneath and the shorts go on top. When you reach 1st grade they'll teach you these things.

Answered: Short term rental apartment or house

You obviously have a computer. You obviously know what Craigslist is. Why not just go there and look? Why come to AOL Answers?

Answered: Great "improvements"!!! LOL

When you click on anything on this site it takes forever. The thing just spins around and around and around and nothing happens. You leave the room, come back 5 minutes later and it's still spinning. Only about 1 out of 10 times does it work quickly like it's supposed to. I have this problem ONLY on ...
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