how to import pfc to aol 9.7?

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Answered: 9.7 PFC files will not import to version 10- HELP!!

Hi there, Please refer to the following help article on how to fix your issue: How do I import my Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) to AOL Desktop v10.1?

Answered: Transfer AOL PFC to a new computer

Hi Tom: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Transfer Personal Filing Cabinet from one computer to another

Answered: Need AOL version and can't find it

At the top of your screen, click "Help". click the bottom one that says "About AOL" That will show what version you are running.

Answered: How do I merge AOL pfc files ?

Hi Luther: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Manually restore the PFC - Windows 7/Vista

Answered: Import pfc files

Restore your Filing Cabinet from a backup copy When you restore your Filing Cabinet (Personal Storage), the backup copy of your Filing Cabinet or Saved on My PC folder replaces your current copy. To restore your Saved on My PC (Personal Filing Cabinet) folder (all AOL® 9.0 versions): 1 ...
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Why hasn't any of these geniuses from AOL or Microsoft beeen interested in answering and solving this aggravating problem? They insist you buy the stuff and then change--not enhance---what you're used to using. What happened to having options? One of the reasons I kept AOL mail is the ability to ...

My aol icon in the notification area connects me to aol 9.5 instead of my

My brain found the answer! I saved aol 9.7 on a disc, just in case. I uninstalled all the aol software, except 9.7 from my computer. I restarted. Now the aol icon in the notication area sends me to aol 9.7 instead of the old 9.5! Yeh, for trail and error! jst

Transfer the same aol 9.7 to my PC

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Downloading and installing AOL Desktop 9.7

Hard drive failed, new installed w/re-install of Vista. Was running AOL

Hi John: Unfortunately, your Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) is not accessible anymore on your newly installed hard drive.