how to identify a chevrolet 409?

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Answered: 1963 chevrolet, 409, impala

The Chevrolet Impala was long known as Chevy's flagship line, and was commonly referred to simply as the Chevrolet model. Often overshadowed by the popular 1964 model, the 1963 Chevrolet Impala is nevertheless coveted by classic by car enthusiasts due to its exterior appearance and the variety of ...

Answered: Value of posters

Meridian Display Ltd provides a modern and efficient approach to the manufacture of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase products into a fast moving market place.

Answered: Would you buy a Chevrolet Volt?

I own this car! I must say Chevy volt is one of the best electric car in the world. Even if you consider its features it includes bold exterior & interior with astounding performance & the best thing is it is Eco-friendly. As compare to others Chevy volt have good fuel economy. Chevrolet Spark LPG ...

Answered: Identify watercolor print

I seriously doubt that even the best art expert in the world could identify it without seeing it. Look up the artist on line, see if any of the sites that show his work have pictures of it.

Answered: Do drivers license identify vererans?

Some states have special license plates for veterans, or perhaps only disabled veterans. 40 states have identification as a veteran on the driver's license. You need to show DD 214. Some states have proposed adding this, because DD 214 has no photo ID, but do not have a law passed. Two states ...
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