how to I join two straight piece of laminate countertop?

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Answered: I have laminate countertops with a wood (maple ...

Often, wood edges such as yours have a tongue and groove detail to keep them properly aligned. I would use a two-part epoxy adhesive available from any hardware store. Use masking tape to protect the finished laminate and wood surfaces. As for clamping, if there is a wall or another countertop ...

Answered: Looking for old laminate

You are unlikely to find a discontinued laminate like this, though miracles can happen. I would search all the current products from all major manufacturers to try to find something compatible or complementary. For very large projects, custom laminates can be made to order.

Answered: Two Piece Swim Wear

This link is awesome and they have great quality stuff!

Answered: Preparing gouged laminate kitchen counter surfaces for granite coating

Granite coating? Better to completely replace with real solid granite countertops.

Answered: Cheapest price for laminate countertops

You can get the cheapest price on standard preformed laminate countertop blanks by shopping at a big box store. They are very inexpensive. The mass production manufacturers aren't interested in small customers.

Answered: Dull laminate kitchen cabinet tops

Try using WD40 once/twice a month. Creates a nice shine and waterproofs. Clean with damp cloth no soap............Makes them look brand new...Works for me!
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How to clean a laminated countertop

The solvent you should use depends on the adhesive you used. Read the adhesive label carefully. Denatured alcohol should be fine with the laminate. If the adhesive is contact cement, you may need to use lacquer thinner. Make sure the area is well-ventilated, and take safety precautions printed ...

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I assume you are thinking of a border or insert? Remember that laminate will react like wood to moisture. So if that sink floods or that fridge leaks-- you will have a problem. And your other consideration is what are you going to transition to? What will be the rest of the floor?