how to hook up a generator to an oil burner?

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Answered: Oiler burner not igniting

Answered: Where can I download a wacker portable generator ...

Try here first.============= This site may or may not be helpful, also.============== Best of luck.

Answered: Oil burner and hot water problems

I have an oil burner for both heat and hot water. The heat works fine, the burner comes on. However, hot water only lasts about 2 minutes and then goes cold. What could be causing this and how could I fix it?

Answered: Is it possible to vent wood stove with oil burner? Has anyone done it?

To fully answer this question requires more information. In a nut shell, yes. However, don't proceed without providing more info. You can vent a wood stove and an oil burning stove in the same chimney pipe provided it is a triple wall stainless steel that is required for wood. Wood burns hotter that ...

Answered: Generator

Yes definitely.

Answered: Generator system for my home

I knew that the scumbags would come!
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Thank you- the oil burner came back on- so all is well- thanks

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