how to heal torn ligaments in beagles?

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Answered: Pulled muscles

Orthopedic doctors and Orthodedic physical therapists. First go see the Dr. and then follow instructions.... My husband has to have surgery on his shoulder because of a torn ligament. Good luck, Patti

Answered: I have injured my wrist ligament what can i do to cure it?

Wrap it with an ace bandage. Put heat to itonce a day. Try not to use it as little as possible. Should take about 2 weeks to heal. Dean

Answered: My beagle has a little blood that sometimes runs out his rectum. What

It's good to take the dog to the vet sooner. You don't want to wait until the dog really gets sick.

Answered: How fast do beagles grow?

They are not large dogs, he will not grow terribly fast. The Beagle is a very popular dog breed. They make excellent pets because of their great temperament and gentle disposition. However, they can be handful due to their stubbornness. Make sure that this is the breed you want before you get one ...

Answered: An overweight person stood on my foot on thursday ...

A fractured toe or a torn ligament, especially the latter, are accompanied with unbearable pain, so my bet it's just an hard blow. Give it a few more days, if still hurts, pay a visit to the doctor.

Answered: How common is round ligament pain during late pregnancy?

Quite common. Your body secretes a hormone during pregnancy called Relaxen. This relaxes ligaments and tendons in preparation for birth. Keep stretchin' out. Before and after.
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