how to heal edema blister on leg?

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Answered: Painful edema my ankle has been hurting for about ...

I have the exact same problem as you describing. After going through many tests I was diagnosed with lymphedema. The swelling started by my ankle area and eventually went up to my waist. There are many web sites, but unfortunately there is no cure. ...

Answered: Tightness in chest and edema

Hello. If you have tightness in your chest, you need to see a doctor. It could be edema caused by high blood pressure which is taxing your kidneys, or it could be indicative of further heart problems. You really need to see a doctor about this asap, though, so they can identify the cause and get ...

Answered: How long does it take for a cats leg to heal from ...

is it a back leg that is injured? If it is, she may have trouble scooting down. Is she having trouble using the bathroom other places?

Answered: Can wearing sanitary gloves cause blisters or warts

Are you absolutely certain this isn't an allergic reaction? This really something that should be ruled out by a doctor.

Answered: How much attention do you pay to toning your legs ...

Hello there. I think that every part of your body is just as important. Your legs should not be neglected compared to your arms or chest or stomach. However, a lot of times, people choose not to work their legs and this leads to weird body proportions. You can check out leg workouts on my ...

Answered: How long do blisters last for a sunburn???

I would say anywhere from 2-3 days depending on how you treat the burn afterwards.
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Should legs be higher than the heart with leg edema

It is best if you can keep you legs higher than your heart. You should also talk to your doctor about the possibility about wearing pressure gradient stockings to see if they can help you.

What is the quickest way to get rid of a fever blister or keep it from

I don't think I would recommend putting harsh chemicals on any open sore or wound unless said chemical is SPECIFICALLY designed to do so. Lysol is for toilets and sinks and telephones and so on - NOT skin!

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