How to have safe sex with your dog?

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Answered: Is benicar safe for dogs

Renticar has been declared unsafe. Having gotten that out of my system, I would like to know the reason that your dog is being considered a candidate for an angiotension II receptor blocker. This medication is used in humans, primarily for the treatment of HBP.

Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.

Answered: Dog'a Colored poop

The first thing that comes to mind is rat poison. I've heard that since the little blocks of poison are greenish, the first sign is colored poop. But then you have to take them to the vet asap to be able to save them, because if you wait for the bleeding symptom to start (it could take a week or ...

Answered: Where is my dog

Where is my dog Video, see comment

Answered: Sex aftre

Hi! Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

Answered: Need service status for dog

Who gives us the right to enslave a dog or other animal for our genetic shortcomings into servitude? -Have another human-being be a service attendant or indentured servant...Oh yes, wait... they tried that already and if not for a few more votes, a service animal (as you call it) would be leading ...
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We had unprotected sex with my girl friend. The last day of her period

wow, if you cum half way in her vagina there a 50 to 50% chance she'll get pregnant, but '_';; every few months a year the female egg drops an have her period but if have sex while she on her period then there a 90% chance btiching then moaning..

Can pamabrom be used insted of lasix? left my 23 lb dogs meds at home and

This would be like peeing in the ocean and hoping for high tide. Furosemide is a powerful loop diuretic. Panbrom is an OTC med which has much less potent diuretic effects. It would be better than nothing, but if your dog has severe heart failure, then get some lasix. Human stuff would be fine.

During pregnancy sex is safe?

Some thoughts about this from an angelic source. Can sexual relations harm the baby during pregnancy? Babies are conceived so that they can be received into the world, your world of happiness, love, and peace. You should take care not to harm the baby during any stage of pregnancy. Be ...

I would like to ask if it safe to have unprotected sex right after 2-3

Thanks for all who answer my question earlier, so far I don't hvae my period I am late of 8 days and I din't feel any sign of being preggy but I felt my mens is coming,their is discharge but my vagina is dry,cramping. Is it possible also to interfere my cycle because Am gone for medication ...