how to grow a mylar cactus?

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Answered: How to kill cactus

Sand blast with course sand treated with roundup. do again when the babies come back. roots will die when they no longer get pair suport. D Mahon 512 963 0000

Answered: What year did the Cactus League start and who were the teams?

History of the Cactus League in Arizona Each year, the Giants spent their first week of spring training at the Buckhorn Baths in Mesa before reporting to Phoenix. The Giants had a long tradition of taking their players to soak in the soothing waters of mineral springs before starting training ...

Answered: How do i winterize cactus outside so frost doesnt kill it

Spray succulents and cacti with a surface insecticide 3 weeks prior to bringing them indoors.

Answered: Easy to grow orchids?

This page lists lots of types of orchids, and indicates which are recommended for beginners: Types of Orchids . The site also has a lot of information on how to grow orchids.

Answered: What is Cactus Juice good for? and do you dink it ...

Well.... I have heard that cactus juice is good for you. It has a lot of vitamins, just look out because some are poisonous!!
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Watering home Cactuses.

A medium sized cactus usually need watering every week or two. The best way to water it is to put it in a water bowl for an hour and let it "drink" as much as it needs (that if it has holes in the pot). If it's not possible a glass of water would do.

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