how to grill on george foreman grill?

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Answered: Where is george foreman's current wife from

George Foreman's current wife, Mary Joan Martelly, grew up in St. Lucia

Answered: What is the best type of barbecue- gas or coal?

Hi, If you think lighting up and cooking with charcoal is a hassle go for a gas bbq grill - it's much easier to use, but more expensive to get set up. Some say charcoal grills give a better flavour, but I doubt that many people can tell the difference. Either way, get a grill with a lid - you ...

Answered: Can a indoor george foreman grill be used with bone -in meats

Yes, you can use small, portable grills to cook anything and everything that you would cook on traditional outdoor grills.

Answered: Natalie cole/George Benson

Yes, they're a couple of singers/musicians. Did you have a question about them?
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