how to greet a stranger?

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Answered: Religion & spirituality, christianity, how do i pray for

If someone asks you to pray for them, ask them their name. Then put their name in your heart and when you send your prayers send their name with them- kind of like an email attachment. If you don't know their name, focus on their face, and attach that to your prayer. For whatever is going on in ...

Answered: Greeting cards used to be standard when I was ...

Greeting Cards are expensive and I don't see why people won't send e-cards more. E-cards are reasonable for every one and some of free.Try this Making your own personal touch to whatever you're sending on any occasion :)

Answered: Stranger the movie question?

Hollywood is super sneaky. Strangers was "inspired by a true story". It is a mixture of a few different real life stories. The Strangers was loosely based on various home invasion murders, including The Manson Murders, and based upon an Austrian couple that was murdered by three teenagers in their ...

Answered: Iphoto greeting card coupon code

This web site has what you are looking for.

Answered: I would like to start an online greeting card business. Where would I

Try this site: design your online greeting card business, send it via email or SMS. You can also send bulk sms to large groups of people within minutes
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