how to give yourself a rash?

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Answered: Rash on chest

It could be an allergic reaction to jewelry, especially if it contains nickel (a silver-colored metal). A dermatologist can test for nickel allergy, and perhaps prescribe things to reduce the reaction. The best way to cure it is to avoid nickel.

Answered: Why does my 10 year old son have a rash under his Penis?

Not sure, but if it hurts him or does not go away in few days, you might want to have doctor look at him to see what it is.

Answered: Rash in 3 bumps

Sounds more to me like you were bitten by some kind of insect.

Answered: My daughter has a bad diaper rash (I think she had ...

it is okay to take an ointment...balmex for babies...and try changing the diaper and not leaving the diaper on to long and let her breathe down their. Reminder she's a girl and its good for them to get air their at once a day. Oh any aveeno cream for babies..they have bodies wash and ...

Answered: Best methods in which to relieve baby from the irritation of nappy

I used Calendula Lotion Vivasan from Essential Oil Collection store. It helped a lot. Also let your baby play without a diper at least for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day.
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Itchy rash stage 4 renal failure

Itching leads to scratching, which can cause inflammation, skin degradation, and possible secondary infection. The skin can become lichenified, scaly, and excoriated.

Chicken Pox looking Rash

This sounds like the classic swimming pool rash or hot tub rash caused by allegic dermatitis to the chlorine. The concentration may be off or simply you are sensitive to the chemical. More info below:

Sweat Rashs

When you get out of the shower and dry yourself off, you can try this before applying powder; get a hairdryer that has a 'cool' button....dry yourself completely, then use the 'cool' setting of the hairdryer to THOROUGHLY dry yourself in that area......DO NOT put any undergarments on until you are ...


We got some 'butt paste' from these guys and it seemed to work: Worth a try :) as it seems to sort out all sorts of rashes.