how to get white teeth when bleaching doesnt work?

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Answered: Does a tooth bleaching cause damage or sensitivity to the teeth?

Our home remedies for sensitive teeth stress dental care and warding off dental diseases.

Answered: Do at home teeth whitening kits really work or are you better off paying

They work well if your teeth aren't extremely yellow or severely stained from coffee, teas or colas. Using once or twice a week will keep your smile bright and shiny. If however you are expecting to attain the glaring, fake white smile on the advertisements, save your money. Those fake white teeth ...

Answered: How can i get whiter teeth at home?

Mix warm water with baking soda (in about a 4/1 ratio). and swoosh it around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Do this once or twice a day. After a couple of days you'll see results. This is MUCH cheaper than white strips, and doesn't irritate my teeth as badly. I have really sensitive teeth ...

Answered: How can i get whiter teeth at home?

Extreme Whitener is a great product, which has a good way of cleansing the teeth and then helping you through the extreme whitening of the teeth.

Answered: If you work a nine hour day how long should your lunch break be?

Legally, it must be at least 30 minutes. Past that, it depends on the employer.

Answered: What facts do i need to know about teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening was never as easy as it is today. The growing consciousness about good looks and personality is the main reason behind the popularity of teeth whitening kits. Not only are these kits very easy to use but also as effective as professional dental bleaching. Despite being user friendly ...
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How effective is teeth bleaching? Doesn't this ...

Many home whitening kits now use a bleaching gel that lists some kind of peroxide compound (either carbamide or hydrogen) as active ingredient. Generally, they use whitening with a small amount (around 5% or less) of diluted peroxide that produces mildly effective results. In comparison, laser teeth ...

What is a natural plant that cleans and whitens teeth? I heard of this

No can can re plant tenth naturally.

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Are these always going to be better than the OTC ...

Whitening by the dentist will always out perform the OTC products, because these (OTC's ) are intended for "one size fits all". Dentists have the advantage of custom designing your whitening gel in the tray made from your own oral cavity impression. twitt me softly /cs33ca (M.Sc. PharmD. www ...