How to get the smell of dog urine off of linoleum floor?

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Answered: What gets Dog Urine Smell out of Carpeting??

Yes the answer with use vinegar was a good answer....I soaked the area with vinegar and let it air dry, Yes You have to get used to the smell of vinegar , but beats dog urine...after 2 days I steamed shampooed the rug and odor is gone.....Thanks

Answered: I have asbestos tile floors that are in pretty ...

You should try kerndean or amtico flooring tiles for your kitchen. its best ofr kitchen and low maintainable and affordable also,

Answered: How do u cat urine smells out of a

cats and dogs have a really potent sense of smell... so this is definitely possible.

Answered: Why does my floor fan that has a remote switch speed by itself

Because those fans are possessed, they have what is called a speed demon. The demon controls the speed, not the remote switch. Take it back and get a fan that is not possessed by a "speed demon?

Answered: Dogs attraction to other dogs secreting

dogs making their ruling area using their urine. it is also use for impressing bitches


Does not smell very much at all in fact is sterile unless the lady has an infection.
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cats do get urinary tract infecs.You may want to call your vet.

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I had the same issue. I found a place that taught me how to strip the mop and glo wax from my floors -- they look like new again!

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