How to get the smell of dog urine off of linoleum floor?

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Answered: What gets Dog Urine Smell out of Carpeting??

Yes the answer with use vinegar was a good answer....I soaked the area with vinegar and let it air dry, Yes You have to get used to the smell of vinegar , but beats dog urine...after 2 days I steamed shampooed the rug and odor is gone.....Thanks

Answered: I have asbestos tile floors that are in pretty ...

You should try kerndean or amtico flooring tiles for your kitchen. its best ofr kitchen and low maintainable and affordable also,

Answered: How do u cat urine smells out of a

cats and dogs have a really potent sense of smell... so this is definitely possible.


Does not smell very much at all in fact is sterile unless the lady has an infection.

Answered: Red spots on linoleum floor

I don't have an answer for you but I'm actually experiencing the same problem. The spots even appear to be spreading and lately we're noticing bright yellow spots. Did you ever find out what your red spots were from?

Answered: Dogs attraction to other dogs secreting

dogs making their ruling area using their urine. it is also use for impressing bitches
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Never Urinated

cats do get urinary tract infecs.You may want to call your vet.

Why does my dog urine smell so strong?

It's normal for a dog to have urine with a fairly strong odor. Dogs don't sweat, so the kidneys take over some of the waste filtration that perspiration glands would handle. That said, it's possible your dog isn't drinking enough water, or has a urinary tract, kidney or bladder infection. It ...

Cat urine smell removal

Enzyme products have been known for years to be the best for this type of odor removal but there is a new technology that is as effective (or better) but you don't have to keep it damp for hours for the enzymes to digest the urine residue. It works on the molecular level like enzymes but it ...

As much as I adore my dog, her wee is attacking ...

We walk our dogs in the flowerbed. The mulch that we put down seems to absorb the urine to a point where it doesn't damage the flowers. Win-win!