how to get the animals off the ledge on level 30 on pet rescue?

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Answered: How many levels in pet rescue saga?

There are 702 levels. I am at the end. The message said, "Stay tuned for more levels to come!"

Answered: I'm pissed of at my sister work

Turn this guy in. There are strict laws abusing animals in this country ask the maggot Vick.

Answered: What to do about a dog with animal agression?

If it's your dog, an electronic training collar is what most professional trainers use. They're a bit pricey, but effective in eliminating or at least suppressing unwanted behavioral traits. If a dog belonging to someone else is bullying your dog, a few shots of pepper spray will often adjust the ...

Answered: Starting an animal haven

Thank you. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, I have wanted to do this for so long I just thought it was a pipe dream but some how some way I'm going to make it happen. I have been in love with animals all my life and I want to make a difference, sadly there are to many that need homes and ...

Answered: How to choose a good animal feed pellet machine ?

If you don't know where to buy the animal feed pellet machine,please find our website
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If your dog got a punctured lung that is a veterinary emergency and you needed to haul the dog to the vet inside of minutes! I only hope the dog survived.

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Were they stolen? If you are in a city, call the police; if not, call the sheriff. Or did someone report that they were sick or malnourished or mistreated? Animal Control might have them.

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I like when people stand up for animals, I have been defending animals all my life and even decided to become an animal rights advocate, and I decided that thx to my inspiration , this guy and the work he does made me in to the man I am now.