how to get spray glue off wicker baskets?

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Answered: Where to sign up for Thanksgiving baskets for the poor in Rockford Il?

Do you wish to contribute or do you want to get your hands on one?

Answered: Sprays

We Specialize in Non-aerosol sprays!

Answered: Who invented Super Glue?

Harry Wesler Cover Jr. For Eastman Kodak

Answered: What are you putting in your kids Easter basket ...

variety colored condoms are nice, if they are 10 or older and some colored eggs and some nuts.

Answered: I like making gift baskets for people, as a ...

I usually ignore them also. They are so fake. How does one have 12 overwhelming questions about life all in one day? and how is it difficult to find a container to put gifts in? Just buy a laundry basket and put gifts in it for me!
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Wicker repair

Depends on the damage. Maybe you can find some info on this page: There also is a forum where you can ask for help. But include a picture/description.

What is resin wicker furniture

This is woven furniture made from resin, a synthetic fiber that enables such furniture to stand all weather conditions something that other wicker furniture can't withstand.