how to get salt out of over salted boiled peanuts?

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Answered: Chocolate covered salted peanuts

I've seen them in them in stores here and there. I've never tried chocolate peanuts before though. Are they good?

Answered: Salt water pools

So WHAT is the question exactly? ?

Answered: Why is Moroni Statue in Salt Lake City not golden?

That would be a good question for the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-day Saints. Many of their statues are cased in gold leaf, not for the sake of opulence, but because five dollars worth of gold leaf will save a thousand dollars worth of paint over the life of an art work.

Answered: Are bath salts dangerous to your health?

What makes it so hard for law makers to make Methylenedioxypyrovalerone illegal?

Answered: What are the health dangers of too much salt in our diet?

Oh high blood pressure and other diseases like having kidney or gallbladder stones.
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