how to get rid of pot holes in face?

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Answered: Flex holes fix

flex holes give you choices about where to put it

Answered: How to get rid of a hole on youre face after getting poked with a ring

It will heal naturally but it will always depends on your skin type and how deep is the hole on your face. I suggest you better have it check with your dermatologist for a great solution.

Answered: Build swimming hole in a river or stream.

This is quite creativity. It will be very comfortable if you can build one. The buidling materials need good quality if you need them. Go to OKORDER to select them when you need them.

Answered: Broken Capillaries

Lemons and oranges are full of Vitamin C, which greatly helps reduce the appearance of broken capillaries on the nose and other areas of the face. These tiny veins became so constricted that the pressure kinda "broke" them. In truth, these dysfunctional blood vessels usually disappear after laser ...
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