how to get rid of hummingbird vine?

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Answered: Is hummingbird sick?

It is true that the hummingbird may be sick. Please call a hummingbird rehabilitator immediately. A lot of information has already been provided here. It is excellent information. However something else comes to mind. You mentioned that you witnessed this behavior in the morning. What was the ...

Answered: Hummingbirds

I live in East Texas, and usually the hummingbirds start showing up around the middle of April, sometimes a little earlier. They seem to prefer the azaleas & other native blooms first, and when those blooms are gone, they start feeding on the feeders. I think I had to refresh my feeders twice ...

Answered: Has anyone else noticed a decline / absense of Hummingbirds in NYS

Thanks. I saw some the first week in May, but none since.

Answered: What can i feed baby hummingbirds if they fell out the nest and the mom

Uh, great, now i figured that this question was two years old already . But optimistically speaking, i hope this helps someone with a similar question in the future.

Answered: How do I rid hummingbird feeder of bees?

First, never use pesticides/insect sprays for bees or ants, they are harmful to hummingbirds. Never use any petroleum products like petroleum jelly which some have tried. The product could mat the feathers of the hummingbird's wings. Use feeders with bee guards or here are 2 tips: 1.) Put out a ...
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What other birds that eat from hummingbird feeders

Hi Janice, Yes sure other birds feed on it too..... they simply don't know that you mean to feed only hummingbirds..... In my garden a whole lot of other birds feed on it (I even saw green parrots enjoying a free meal). IT depends where do you live (in terms of weather / climate) to tell you who ...