How to get rid of foreign language on Facebook?

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Answered: What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning a foreign

The advantages: You can read a wider range of literature and expand your knowledge of other cultures Travel in the world easily e.g. if you learn Spanish you can travel most of the world and get by stimulate your brain develop your thinking capacity retain your memory longer watch foreign ...

Answered: Facebook languages Facebook will not change the language I use (English

NO I did not find the answer -please change the current language on my account back toi English.

Answered: Benefits of learning a foreign language

If you have plans to work abroad then it greatly helps to learn a foreign language. Or, work in translation related services. Otherwise, people these days work as freelancers who can work in different languages. I'm learning Japanese language online. The best online resource for your quest would be ...

Answered: What foreign language should a new student study that will go into the

The clear answer for me was and is Esperanto. I did that on the basis of this one claim, and I have no regrets: 1) You can learn it to the stage of reading and basic conversation inside of two weeks if you do a simple half hour a day. It is that simple and regular, yes. On the basis of this I ...

Answered: Facebook problem ex husband took over my facebook ...

Facebook? The only people who go there need to rub lotion into their lobotomy scars. Now go turn on the television and watch Barney and Fiends (or was that friends?) No, I was right the first time . . . FIENDS!
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Rassias Method of teaching foreign langugage

what is the impotance od question answer method of teaching?

If you’re in a special group on facebook and one of the members has

No you can't see him in the search or either in group or mutual friends of others. Facebook make them invisible to you, know who has blocked you in Facebook and other Facebook features and pranks on my blog. Facebook smiley and security

My FB wall is in foreign language, need it back to english

Try dialing in a translation dictionary